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Disposition on the move - the right step at the right time

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The current situation on the world market presents a number of challenges. Rising prices for gas, oil and petrol are forcing companies to rethink, to optimize transports, to recalculate. For the project business, it is important to face the challenges and accept new circumstances as a reality. At the same time, due to the shift of production to Europe, the shortening of supply chains entails a higher demand for coordination. In order to pay sufficient attention to this issue and to shape changes in the best possible way in the interest of our partners and customers, BESCO, the Berliner Steincontor, has taken forward-looking action and strengthened its project management.



A new position has been created: that of the dispatcher. This person is explicitly dealing with the coordination of goods transports, daily updated overviews of upcoming deliveries, the expansion of an optimized forwarding infrastructure and the coordination with the project management team.


Since this year, Mr. Marcel Zielke fulfills the role of the dispatcher and was warmly welcomed into the team of Berliner Steincontor. Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the industrial engineering studies and many years of experience in the coordination of transports and logistics, he knows exactly what it takes.


“The team at BESCO have welcomed me with open arms and since the beginning support me in all matters. Both customers and partners are grateful and at all times welcome any efforts to optimize transports, deliveries and logistics planning,” was Zielke’s first impression. “I am looking forward to working in a forward-thinking, family-run company with promising perspectives for the future and a pleasant working atmosphere.”



BESCO is a company that cares about its people and the future of our planet. For this reason, we invest in young professionals and compensate CO2-emissions of all our transports in cooperation with our partner myClimate on a voluntary basis. We thank our customers and our partners for an continuously good cooperation and their trust.

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Bernau Apprenticeship and Study Exchange 2022 – BESCO will be there - come by and catch up.

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The year 2021

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A year full of challenges and opportunities

our new employee from Portugal

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In 2020 we saw an increase in natural stone imports from European productions to more than half of our total natural stones. For this reason, we have decided to hire an in-house inspector for southern European productions. Mr. Moreira visits the production facilities for us and monitors the agreed quality.

climate-neutral natural stones on the move

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In close cooperation with the non-profit climate protection organization myclimate, we offset all transport-related CO₂ emissions. We are making our contribution to climate protection and making natural stone unbeatable in terms of sustainability. All transport-related CO₂ emissions were also offset at the market square in Karlsruhe. With our contributions we support myclimate climate protection projects.

BESCO inspector Milton Niu visiting Berlin

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At the beginning of June one of our 4 inspectors from Asia Niu visited the BESCO Team in Berlin.

Florian Geyer becomes a member of the management

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Florian Geyer started his career at BESCO with an apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade. This was followed by positions in field service, sales, in sales and project management. With this experience, the proven natural stone expert wants to contribute to continuing the growth of recent years and increasing the company’s market presence.

BESCO: Berliner Steincontor celebrates 15 years of existence

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15 years ago, Ulrich Klösser, Frank Dickmann and Florian Geyer, who later became authorized signatory and sales manager, set out to make the rich natural stone range in Asia and later also in Europe available for German and European construction projects. The founding of BESCO – Berliner Steincontor GmbH in March 2003 also marked the birth of the branded product belgrano®…

consistent quality assurance from the production site to the project

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Public squares and parks are a city’s calling card. If these are designed to match the buildings in the area, a harmonious overall picture is created. When choosing natural stone for the flooring or special design elements, it is worth investing in quality in order to meet the high demands for durability and sustainability. Under the keyword – fair production, the manufacturing processes are increasingly coming into focus.