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our new employee from Portugal

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In 2020 we saw an increase in natural stone imports from European productions to more than half of our total natural stones. For this reason, we have decided to hire an in-house inspector for southern European productions. Mr. Moreira visits the production facilities for us and monitors the agreed quality.

Renato António Rodrigues Moreira

I have been working as a quality inspector for BESCO in southern Europe for about 6 months now. In the past months I already had the opportunity to visit multiple factories and learned to love the diversity of our belgrano® natural stone products. The BESCO team immediately welcomed me, and I really like the opportunity to travel around southern Europe for work. I learn a lot every day about the requirements, the working methods of BESCO as well as desired and required quality of the belgrano® natural stone products in the factories.

I am looking forward to working with my new colleagues in the future and help to implement beautiful natural stone projects.

Sigmaringen Karlsplatz Luftbildaufnahme - belgrano® Naturstein Blockstufen, Bodenplatten, Wasserspiel, Sitzelemente und Natursteinpflaster aus Granit

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Sigmaringen | Karlsplatz

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For 20 years BESCO Berliner Steincontor GmbH lives the idea to add a piece of nature to the urban everyday life of the people.

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climate-neutral natural stones on the move

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In close cooperation with the non-profit climate protection organization myclimate, we offset all transport-related CO₂ emissions. We are making our contribution to climate protection and making natural stone unbeatable in terms of sustainability. All transport-related CO₂ emissions were also offset at the market square in Karlsruhe. With our contributions we support myclimate climate protection projects.

BESCO inspector Milton Niu visiting Berlin

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At the beginning of June one of our 4 inspectors from Asia Niu visited the BESCO Team in Berlin.

Florian Geyer becomes a member of the management

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Florian Geyer started his career at BESCO with an apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade. This was followed by positions in field service, sales, in sales and project management. With this experience, the proven natural stone expert wants to contribute to continuing the growth of recent years and increasing the company’s market presence.