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Weidebrunner Gasse, 8574 Schmalkalden

Schmalkalden – a townscape speaks history

Aerial images quickly made it clear that the town of Schmalkalden, located in the southwest of the German state of Thuringia, had grown historically over the years. Thus, alleys, streets and buildings were created as needed in the half-timbered town, which today has a population of around 20,000. The competition for the design of the public space in the old town, which was announced in 2002, aimed at a balanced design concept that would combine the aspects of monument protection, traffic, townscape and social environment in a balanced way.


A special project for terra.nova landscape architecture

The design planning of the landscape architects of the Munich office terra.nova landschaftsarchitektur was awarded 1st prize in the realization competition. Their design should not overform the city core. Instead, color, form and associative language were to differentiate the appearance of the city center, which is steeped in history, while at the same time creating a harmonious, calm overall concept.


Natural stone in all its diversity – the perfect flooring that makes history visible

The differences between the old and new town were not only to be read about in books, but also made visually tangible. Thus, in accordance with the planners’ concept, the paving, consisting everywhere of natural stone pavers, became an ambassador of history. Laid in wild bond, granite and granodiorite characterize the old town. In the new town, on the other hand, granite and granodiorite are laid in orderly rows. The difference in color between the brown-red-brown natural stone on the one hand and the anthracite-colored stone on the other also creates a delineating clarity.

The 6th construction phase – belgrano® granite and basalt take the plan forward

After the renewal of the city center had been completed, the streets and alleys leading up to it were also to be given a makeover – including Weidebrunner Gasse, which connects Neumarkt with Reihergasse and Künkelgasse. Here, three different European belgrano® granites were selected by the planner and laid with a flamed or broken surface in shades ranging from light to anthracite. The paved area, totaling around 2,200 square meters, clearly enhances and continues the idea of picking up on historical natural stone materials. Likewise, more than 800 square meters of European basalt pavers were used for the last construction phase, which also meet current requirements for trafficability and weather resistance. Today, the city has a modern, but also historical townscape.

Schmalkalden Weidebrunner Gasse

Schmalkalden Weidebrunner Gasse

Schmalkalden Weidebrunner Gasse

Schmalkalden Weidebrunner Gasse

Schmalkalden Weidebrunner Gasse

Schmalkalden Weidebrunner Gasse

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