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Hauptstraße, 91459 Markt Erlbach

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Upcycling Markt Erlbach –
attractive city carpet made of natural stone

The historic city center of Markt Erlbach was redesigned according to drafts by the landscape architecture office bauchplan). (The citizens of Markt Erlbach were involved in the planning process and were allowed to help decide how their city would develop.

The result is a future-proof concept of a barrier-free inner city as living and working space. The high-contrast city floor made of natural stone stands out visually.



CO₂ neutral transport of the belgrano® natural stones

The Berlin Steincontor BESCO, specializing in the project business with natural stone in the outdoor area, has the bauchplan) (planning team supported the choice of the right stone for the multi-colored pavement and ensured its technical suitability. Then belgrano® granite in 6 color nuances from dark to black, over light yellow to beige, to light gray and white gray.

Incidentally, BESCO voluntarily compensates for the CO₂ emissions resulting from the transport of the delivered belgrano® paving stones and floor slabs in cooperation with myclimate and thereby supports climate protection projects.

Parts of the existing natural stone pavement were cleaned, partly sawed and reused. This upcycling of paving stones shows the strengths of natural stone, because hard stones such as granite or diorite are correctly dimensioned, almost infinitely durable and unbeatably robust.

The thus recycled pavement was used in the middle of the new main road, while the street carpet from the driving area to the house entrances was newly delivered.

Visually, the new paving made of belgrano® granite stands out from the existing paving and thus enables an optical urban structure. Cleverly arranged seating elements, tree positions and also color-coded parking zones separate road traffic from pedestrians and cyclists.

In conjunction with the new granite hollow stones that form the drainage channel, a slight depression is created in the street profile, which also directs the traffic to the center of the street. The different surface structures of the new city carpet and the applied topography of the pavement result in a noticeable and visible guidance of all road users and pedestrians.

Design elements ● Pedestrian zones & city squares

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