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Platz der Städtefreundschaften, 49078 Osnabrück

Square of town friendships in Osnabrück experiences contemporary upgrading

The official name of the forecourt of the Volkshochschule (VHS) in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, is Platz der Städtefreundschaften. This name was chosen in 1984 to symbolize the city’s partnership relations. After all, the city not only strives for togetherness, it also lives by it – the independent city has eleven partner and friendship cities around the world with which there is a vibrant exchange. For example, city ambassadors are regularly received to represent their homeland and bring a touch of international lifestyle to Westphalia’s largest city in Lower Saxony.


The concept of the office brandenfels landscape + environment fulfills the wishes of the involved parties

The local interface between housing, history, commerce and culture was to offer barrier-free access to everyone in the future. The city longed for a new meeting space for the town, which would not only offer quality of stay but also create sufficient space for events. Thus, it was also necessary to give sufficient attention to the resident outdoor gastronomy and to create a green infrastructure.

The planning of the Brandenfels landscape architecture firm from Münster made all this possible. Despite the topographical challenge of incorporating a 4.50-meter height difference, the planners succeeded in doing justice to all stakeholders. The design called for the square to be divided into two levels. In addition to large planting islands, a fountain field was to give the square a new order. The existing trees were only minimally interfered with – after all, the intention was to give the flora enough space to realize the green idea. Furthermore, various seating options with backrests, adapted to old and young, offer a place to linger.


Highlights on the second level

A registered natural monument, namely a large plane tree, which provides sufficient shade for guests sitting in restaurants, can be found on the second level. While taking advantage of the gastronomic offerings, visitors benefit from a unique view of the Museum Quarter.

Edging elements and stair coverings made of light-colored belgrano® granite support the qualitative enhancement of the location. In addition, a high-contrast band of natural stone pavers underscores the idea of making the Square of City Friendships an experience for everyone. Visually impaired people will find their way easier thanks to contrasting stripes on the top and bottom steps of the staircase. The already existing handicapped parking spaces for cars are indicated by more offensive signage. All road users have been taken into account, including cyclists: just under 90 bicycle stands are now available.

The face of the VHS forecourt taking on new forms

Around 1.9 million euros and eleven months after the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony by the Lord Mayor, the new Square of Town Friendships was ceremoniously opened on May 11, 2023. The satisfaction of the people is unmistakable from their smiling faces. The new entrance of the Osnabrück Adult Education Center now invites people to linger with shady trees and high-quality materials.

Osnabrück Platz der Städtefreundschaft

Osnabrück Platz der Städtefreundschaft

Osnabrück Platz der Städtefreundschaft

Osnabrück Platz der Städtefreundschaft

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