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Markt Oberstaufen, 87534 Oberstaufen

Markt Oberstaufen – a health resort in transition
The market town of Oberstaufen, with a population of around 8,000, is located in the Bavarian district of Oberallgäu. Despite the highest German level of spa classifications, the name suffix “Bad” is dispensed with. On the other hand, the qualities of the public space and thus the increase in the attractiveness of the town were not to be sacrificed. Here, the greatest value was to be placed on an improved quality of stay – the goal of the intended measure.

The redesign of the village crossroads – an increase in the quality of stay
Around 1.9 million euros were invested in upgrading the town of Markt Oberstaufen. The spa, located directly on the “German Alpine Road”, the federal highway 308, should gain in attractiveness. Construction began in March 2019. After only four months of building, the construction work could already be completed in July 2019.

The increased noise level of the reconstruction work was undeniable during this time. Numerous construction vehicles as well as vibratory plates demanded a lot from the local gastronomy and retail businesses. But both citizens and commercial owners brought along a lot of understanding, saw the necessity of the measures and were looking forward to the tangible result of all the efforts.

High quality materials and the right greenery gave the finishing touches
Planned by the engineering company Steinbacher-Consult, the focus was on enhancing the design of the public space. In addition to the selection of attractive greenery, no expense was spared in the choice of materials. The decision was made in favor of high-quality belgrano® granite, supplied in a CO2-neutral manner, in the form of paving slabs, curbs, pavers and gutters, in order to ensure a durable and long-lasting solution for sidewalk areas and roadways. The color play of the new surfaces is convincing and further enhances the climate of the beautiful spa town.

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