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Fürth 90762, Ludwig-Erhard-Street

Embellished by historical values – the Ludwig Erhard Center in the monument city of Fürth
In the Bavarian monument city of Fürth, a documentation, research and meeting center was to be built in an urbanistically sensitive and monument-protected environment. The intention was to bring the life of the former German Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economics Ludwig Erhard closer to the public and at the same time document his work and achievements. The economic, financial and social policies were to be made tangible for those interested in politics, but also and above all for young people, schoolchildren and entire classes. The idea was to have the new building complex stand in contrast to the rather bulky city hall. Thus, according to the planning of Reinhard Bauer Architekten, a self-confident and at the same time simple ensemble of stacked cubes was created.


The right arrangement is key to a pleasing visual and for flexible usage options
Through the careful arrangement of the building cubes, the course of the street and Ludwig Erhard’s house on the opposite side, which is also part of the center, could be masterfully encompassed. A subway entrance blends into the picture in an understated way. Inside the building complex, refined room layouts create possible uses for exhibition spaces, events and the reception area.

belgrano® Natural stone to pave the connecting paths between the new building and the historic environment
The use of glazed window fronts opens up the reference to the surroundings, including Erhard’s birth house. belgrano® natural stone paves the way and blends into the historical ambience with its natural appearance. Flattering the cubic façade, Reinhard Bauer Architects opted for this light-colored granite stone, creating a calm, harmonious balance between buildings and exterior spaces.

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