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Innenstadt, 85354 Freising

Young Freising experiences a superlative upgrade

The large district town of Freising is known as a university town and is located north of the Bavarian capital of Munich. Covering an area of almost 90 square kilometers, today over 50,000 inhabitants live in Bavaria’s youngest town in terms of population age.

The planned redesign of the upper and lower main streets with side streets, town entrances and the Moosach opening – the opening up of the Moosach stream – was intended on the one hand to give space to the historical background of the former ducal and episcopal seat and on the other hand to adapt the district town to modern conditions and requirements.

The project, which was put out to tender in a restricted competition, covers an area of 33,520 square meters and includes the opening up of the Moosach stream, which had previously flowed underground, as well as the planning of a total of eight entrances to the town. The planners from ST raum a Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten and NAK Architekten emerged as the winners of the planning competition with a high-quality entry, restrained language and the desired homogeneity of the materials used.


A wide promenade made of belgrano® natural stone – store owners benefit from the exquisite entrance area

The historical structure of the town prompted the planners to choose a promenade strip up to three meters wide made of bush-hammered belgrano® granite slabs. Harmonious grey-yellow belgrano® natural stone paving adorns the Freising city pavement and supports the homogeneity of the upgraded appearance. A flowing, barrier-free transition from the trafficable area to the row of stores has a harmonious and inviting effect.

The Moosach opening – water for the city

In the Obere Hauptstraße in Freising’s city center, the bed of the Moosach stream, which had previously been covered, was to be made accessible again over a length of almost 200 meters. This measure required a complicated planning approval procedure right up to the planning approval decision, meaning that implementation could only begin a good three years after the initial documents were submitted.

Today, the water can finally be experienced again: the gentle sound and its calming effect invite strolling pedestrians on a barrier-free journey along the stores. Seating steps made of European belgrano® granite provide direct access to the Stadtmoosach.

Freising Moosachöffnung

Freising Moosachöffnung

Freising Moosachöffnung

Freising Moosachöffnung

Freising Moosachöffnung

Freising Moosachöffnung

Freising Moosachöffnung

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