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Stummstraße, 66763 Dillingen/Saar

project description by Weber-Molenaar Landschaftsarchitektur und Stadtplanung – Dillingen Stummstraße

The Stummstrasse is the most important pedestrian access between the train station, town hall, VHS, post office and retail trade in downtown Dillingen and can be described as the “backbone of the city center”.

The aim is to develop Stummstrasse into a spacious, lively and contemporary urban space. Targeted seating, flowering small trees and concise paving formulate a current, unmistakable appearance that can also appropriately stage modern, innovative architecture.

A lively interweaving between shopping, information, culture, education and gastronomy is stimulated and initiated. The eye-catching pavement pattern of three shades of gray formulates an urban city floor with a high identity factor and encourages strolling and lingering.

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