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Bahnhofstraße, 71034 Böblingen

The Böblingen pedestrian zone is wearing a new look.

The new Böblingen pedestrian zone is made up of different stone formats that result in an irregular pixel pattern. The granite stones were laid on a drain concrete base layer with a joint rod on all sides for optimal force distribution. In the beige-colored ground, clouds with a higher proportion of gray accentuate the areas under the trees.

A comprehensive redevelopment plan was decided to further develop the entire city center of Böblingen. The main goal was to preserve the independent character with the historical, medieval town center and the lower town as a business district as well as possible.

Much of the construction work in the pedestrian zone was carried out with belgrano® granite and diorite from BESCO. The Viennese landscape architecture firm bauchplan had brought the stone supplier into discussion with the municipal decision-makers. Because the products of the Berlin company matched the design ideas of the city best.

The responsible architect, Rupert Halbartschlager, presented the stones to the city planners. For this purpose, the selection and the provider were sampled.

The European natural stone from BESCO has “best met the high demands for the design of the New Mile Böblingen from aesthetic aspects, ethical considerations and functional criteria” , said Tobias Baldauf from bauchplan on the decision.

In total, BESCO supplied around 15,000 square meters of granite slabs with a thickness of 16 centimeters. That corresponds to approximately 7,000 tons of granite finished goods. The pieces were produced and delivered just in time, so there were no delays or waiting times.

“The opening party of the pedestrian zone aroused enormous interest and received a lot of approval. The new natural stone covering made of granite from BESCO is practical and at the same time high-quality in its lively colors. Step by step, our inner city will become more attractive. This is how our urban development moves forward. "

– Christine Kraayvanger, Mayor of Böblingen (2015)

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