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IGA 2017 Berlin – with belgrano® of course

The IGA 2017 Berlin opens on April 13th and invites visitors until October 15th to get an overview of international garden art under the motto “Ein MEHR aus Farben”. On an area of ​​over 100 hectares, the IGA 2017 Berlin not only offers ideas and impulses in the field of landscape architecture, but also a garden festival for young and old with more than 5000 events.

After the Berlin Steincontor BESCO has already supplied countless federal and garden shows in Germany and even in Austria, we are pleased to be represented as the main supplier for natural stones in the international garden cabinets at the “Home Game” of the IGA 2017 Berlin. The particular challenge of the IGA 2017 Berlin project was to deliver a large number of different materials from the host countries, and all of this – as usual – in constant quality and on time directly to the construction site.

The deliveries for the international garden cabinets comprised more than 150 different individual items, most of which consisted of unique items.

This on-demand delivery of natural stones in the desired formats is one of the strengths of the Berliner Steincontor. The advantage is not only to be considered economically, but also particularly valuable from an ecological point of view, since the transport effort is reduced, there is no intermediate storage and the waste / cuttings remain in the production facility. All workpieces arrive at the construction site in the desired format and in the desired processing.


fairly produced, controlled and transported with ecological attention – of course, belgrano®

The belgrano® natural stones not only came from Asia, but were also ordered for projects in Chile, Italy, Great Britain and Germany.

The garden cabinets, designed by renowned international landscape architects, were created under the direction of k1 landscape architects and offer a platform for modern approaches to landscape architecture from different countries and continents.

The belgrano® natural stone can also be found in the outdoor facilities of the IGA 2017 Berlin designed by geskes hack landscape architects, such as the Kienbergpark, the Marzahner lookout and the Kienbergplateau with its panorama terrace.

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