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Gottfried-August-Bürger-Straße 20, 06449 Aschersleben

project description by sinai Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH

Herrenbreite, Bestehornpark, Stadtpark. Listed plants form the backdrop for the state horticultural show. The historical spatial structures with old trees are carefully developed. A contemporary level has been established in the park program and details. [Nbsp]

The life of the city’s most famous son serves as the underlying narrative occasion for the design: Adam Olearius, universal spirit and explorer of the 16th century is a figure of identification and godfather for the future visions of the city as a place of education.

In reflection of his travels, adventure and the longing for faraway places are discussed on the magnificent Herrenbreite. The city park is characterized by the need for order and knowledge of the Baroque.

Like the Gottdorfer library, the central perennial garden is arranged according to the signs of the zodiac. Oddities are shown in chambers of curiosities. The world-famous Gottdorf globe is given an artistic interpretation for the 21st century in the ax cross of the garden

The Bestehornpark, located between a modern education center and historic villas, is a new creation and connects the historic facilities as a modern, open school campus.

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