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72461 Albstadt, Am Markt

The desired outcome – a new center in Albstadt Tailfingen

In Albstadt Tailfingen, a new town center was longed for. A staircase underpass to Kronenstraße had to be eliminated and accessibility created by means of a ramp system. Visitors repeatedly regretted that the gastronomy and the local stores located there were hardly recognizable when passing through the town center. The place to be redefined had so far not shown any uniform design language – not to speak of an inviting appearance.


The planning office “Ernst +Partner” takes on the mission an

The task was difficult, but the goal was clearly defined. Thus, the planning design of the office “Ernst + Partner” from Trier found consensus – even if a redevelopment of the town center in Albstadt Tailfingen was associated with considerable costs: About 2.87 million euros were budgeted for the implementation of the project.

It was not only the word “quality of stay” that was emphasized in the plans of the architects’ office. Action strips, for example, now serve to improve orientation in the new center. belgrano® natural stone, which was laid in rows in various formats, now creates a generous “city carpet” with a unifying effect. An action area on the market square with a striking water table including an integrated fountain field not only makes children’s hearts beat faster.

The reorganization of a bus stop turns the new center into an attractive public transport hub. Functionally, barrier-free boarding and alighting is now facilitated. A 20-meter-wide center island and a pedestrian traffic light hardly affect the flow of traffic, but increase safety and barrier-free crossing of the street. Only five parking spaces on Hechinger Strasse had to be removed to gain sufficient space for the project. The construction of a parking deck on a supermarket in the immediate vicinity in turn created additional new parking alternatives.

belgrano® Natural stone covering harmonizes appearance

In addition to impressive water elements made of dark gray belgrano® quartz monzodiorite, seating elements made of the same material invite visitors to linger and enhance the quality of stay at the new center. On the one hand, the durability of the selected material was convincing, and on the other hand, the fact that all transport-related CO2-emissions are offset by Berliner Steincontor on a voluntary basis in cooperation with the non-profit climate protection organization myclimate. With a subtle design language, it was possible to revitalize historic spatial and building structures in Albstadt Tailfingen. The town now shines with a new, attractive look.

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