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BESCO becomes a supporter of the Alliance for Development and Climate

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Natural stone has been one of the most sustainable building materials for thousands of years. With the CO₂ compensation of our logistics we make our belgrano® natural stones even more sustainable and support climate protection projects that contribute to the goals of the United Nations for sustainable development.


BESCO voluntarily offsets the transport-related CO₂ emissions in cooperation with myclimate. In doing so, we not only make a contribution to climate protection, but also contribute to the goals of the United Nations for sustainable development by supporting climate protection projects.

Since 2021, BESCO is also a supporter of the Alliance for Development and Climate, a foundation of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. One of the goals of the foundation is to motivate private individuals, associations, institutions and companies to save CO₂ emissions and to offset the resulting CO₂ emissions. This can be done either directly through the foundation or, as with BESCO, through a certified CO₂ compensation partner, in our case myclimate.

This support for climate protection projects simultaneously strengthens economic development, improves living conditions and protects the environment in developing and emerging countries.

The Alliance for Development and Climate also organizes workshops and events for companies and supports them on their way to reducing CO₂ emissions. This network of supporters already includes more than 800 companies.


belgrano® natural stones – natural | durable | transported climate-neutrally


freiwillige Kompensation des beim Transport verursachten CO2 mit Hilfe von myclimate


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Lake Lugano | private garden

  • Lake Lugano, Italy

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