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Kirchgasse und Langgasse, 65183, Wiesbaden

project description from ST raum a. Landschaftsarchitektur

A cloth made of brightly shining granite stone slabs and shimmering bronze ribbons flows through the inner-city streets of Wiesbaden.

Applications in the form of simple water elements or groups of trees that have been reduced to the essentials blend in harmoniously. The water surfaces reflect people, buildings, clouds, birds and the plane trees that characterize the cityscape.

Simply shaped light steles and pendant lights bathe the streets in a warm, atmospheric light in the evening hours and invite you to go window shopping.

The simplicity and elegance of the individual design elements, which also include a lively patina of the surfaces that have formed over the years, enable the streets of this city to be used in a multifaceted and permanent manner.

Design elements ● Pedestrian zones & city squares

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