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Kirchstraße, 97209 Veitshöchheim

Veitshöchheim – a tranquil community with a unique jewel

The tranquil town of Veitshöchheim in Bavarian Unterfranken is known for the castle of Veitshöchheim – a former summer residence of the prince-bishops of Würzburg, later the kings of Bavaria. The magnificent palace grounds are particularly impressive with their surrounding rococo gardens, which are unique not only in Germany but also in Europe.


belgrano® granite makes Veitshöchheim’s old town shine in new splendor

In the 1980s, the old town of Veitshöchheim was renovated and traffic-calmed. In 1986, the paving work was completed and the new center was duly celebrated for four days during the first Altortfest. But in the 30 years that followed, the ravages of time took their toll on the porphyry paving stones in the town center. They showed signs of frost damage and some of them came loose from their anchoring. The constant repairs with asphalt turned the once attractive paved area into a patchwork quilt. The paving in the old town had to be replaced due to the extensive damage, which was not just visual. The red-brownish porphyry surface material once used was to be restored to a similar appearance. Today, the center of Veitshöchheim shines with a new pavement made of multicolored belgrano® granite from Berlin-based stone contractor BESCO.

Barrier-free redesign of the town center with belgrano® granite as a living and working space

The renovation work began in October 2018 with the first construction phase of 140 meters in length. The damaged paving was removed and replaced while retaining the curbs and sidewalks. Around a year and a half later, work began on the second 225-metre-long construction section as a traffic-calmed area. Here, the road was built at ground level without curbs and without road markings. The only exceptions are the two bus stops. In order to ensure barrier-free bus boarding and alighting, a curb 18 centimetres high was installed. The result is a sustainable concept for a barrier-free town center as a living and working space.


The result is impressive thanks to the quality of belgrano® natural stone

For the new surface covering, the planning office Holl Wieden Partnerschaft went for belgrano® natural stone from BESCO. The granite paving stones, sawn on all sides, were laid in the old town of Veitshöchheim using a bonded construction method. The mixture of red-greyish natural stones is reminiscent of the porphyry stone laid in the 1980s and not only contributes to the enhancement of the town center through its appearance. In addition to the paving stones, curbstones, ribbed slabs and studded slabs made of belgrano® natural stone complete the new lively center of Veitshöchheim.

As the town center is also used by buses and delivery traffic, high demands were placed on the new surface covering. As granite is a hard stone and one of the hardest natural stones due to its high quartz content, the choice for Holl Wieden Partnerschaft was not a difficult one. The hardness of belgrano® granite not only ensures a high load-bearing capacity, but also good abrasion and weather resistance. Even under the influence of sun, frost or heavy rainfall, the various patterns of natural stone do not change their appearance, so that the paving remains in the same condition for many years. These properties were decisive for the planners and the city of Veitshöchheim, particularly with regard to the previously used and damaged surface covering. Thanks to comprehensive planning and the choice of materials, the old town of Veitshöchheim has been revitalized, giving the Bavarian community a new flair.

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