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Max-Planck-Straße, 14473 Potsdam

The Minsk in Potsdam – A restaurant ruin becomes a modern art museum

The preservation of the former Minsk restaurant in Potsdam was highly controversial until the very end. The building, located directly on the Brauhausberg, was opened in 1977 after about 6 years of construction and offered its visitors a far-reaching view of Brandenburg’s state capital from the terraces. Over time, the building’s charm waned, and its dilapidation became obvious. Finally, restaurant operations were discontinued after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A vacancy followed for two decades, until the building, created in the modernist style of the German Democratic Republic, fell into complete disrepair and was threatened with demolition. This was prevented by an initiative of Potsdam citizens. In 2019, SAP co-founder and art collector Hasso Plattner bought the Minsk and pursued the plan to turn the memorial into an art museum and a place for people to meet with historical charm.

belgrano® natural stone adorns the Minsk Terraces as well as the town square between the museum and the sports and leisure pool blu

The Minsk and the town square in front of it were to become more attractive for residents and tourists. Today, visitors can access the 1,200 square meter terrace area with a total of 4,790 granite slabs via the slab and slope stairs created from durable belgrano® hard stone. Here they can enjoy a piece of cake and a coffee in the fresh air after their tour through art of the past and the modern age.

On the approximately 6,000 square meter area, a handful of altana-like fountains were installed, a playground was built and lawn terraces were created. Seating elements made of belgrano® natural stone invite visitors to linger in the sunshine. 1,600 square meters of small stone pavers made of belgrano® granite, rolled turf, barrier-free crossings as well as parking spaces and e-car charging stations now invite visitors to take a trip to the heart of Potsdam.

The outcome – an architectural masterpiece that combines art and history under one roof

The new Minsk with its attractively designed outdoor area can truly be classified as a structural masterpiece. Visitors are welcomed on the grounds, which are characterized by fountains and greenery, and taken on a journey through time in the Kunsthaus, through system-critical, ambiguous works of art from the GDR to the modern age. History and art have been united here and offer a place of encounter, for memories and change.

The projects of studio polymorph aim at accuracy of fit of design and material in the given context. The natural stone used underlines the special character of the MINSK.

– Christiane Eiselt-Sterl - project manager at studio polymorph landscape architects, Berlin

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