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Brückstraße 2, 39114 Magdeburg

windowless monolith with an impressive appearance – 3 D facade panels made of basalt

The new magazine building of the State Archives Saxony-Anhalt in Magdeburg stands out with its three-dimensional facade.

Due to its function as a document store with special air-conditioning requirements, the Monolith is completely windowless.

The facade consists of square light and dark gray basalt slabs from the belgrano® range, all of which are exactly the same size with 91.7 x 91.7 cm.

volcanic rock with extensive surface treatment

The different colors are the result of special surface treatments: finely ground on the dark gray and flamed and brushed on the light gray panels.

In addition, the different panel thicknesses of 3 cm and 5 cm create a three-dimensional look. The overall picture looks like a systematic and complex arrangement of data fragments and thus refers to the content of the building.

The greatest technical effort in the manufacture of the panels was, on the one hand, the format that was difficult to implement for basalt and, on the other hand, the observance of extremely low dimensional tolerances as a prerequisite for a uniform cross-joint pattern.

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