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Am Viehmarkt, 97762 Hammelburg


Shared Spaces” – the city is there for everyone

The redesign of the medieval old town was completed on time for the 1300 year celebration of Hammelburg, the oldest wine town in Franconia. The total area of ​​the newly created recreation zone amounts to almost 4000 square meters and was planned by the landscape architects Capatti + Staubach.

The focus was on increasing the quality of movement for all road users and creating spacious, barrier-free spaces for pedestrians.

In view of the sophisticated design elements, such as the crosses embedded in the granite pavement and the large fountain as the central element of the cattle market, a suitable construction company was sought after a public tender.

The best bidder and later execution company was the regionally based company Bindrum & Sohn. This in turn commissioned the Berlin stone office BESCO with the delivery of the high-quality natural stone material.

The independent character of the cattle market in the old town structure was to be retained, whereby its role as a communication, market and recreation area in the sense of “shared spaces” came to the fore.

The freedom of movement for pedestrians was severely restricted by the road profile of the surrounding alleys and the large number of parking spaces. A corresponding traffic area design now leads to a voluntary change in behavior of all users of this public space.

Creation of meeting areas by restructuring public spaces

For example, a 0.5 meter wide granite step separates the north-west side of the cattle market from traffic and thus creates a subtle free space for pedestrians. The bourgeois community of Hammelburg benefits from the redesign of the former park area into a meeting point for young and old.

The division into streets and squares is also done by changing the format and direction of the laid city floor. The coordinated surfaces of the granite stones, as well as their colors and materials lead to a homogeneous overall picture.

Over 120,000 belgrano® granite stones in three colors and six individual formats were used and were paved in a kind of wild module in an extremely demanding manner. When choosing the paving system, the later use plays an important role so that the horizontal forces of large loads are optimally distributed.

The high quality of the special paving from BESCO is also striking, which consists of sawn, dimensionally stable granite and was also finely stocked for year-round accessibility

In addition to the renovation of the city floor, the planners from Capatti + Staubach wanted to upgrade the former church location Viehmarkt with a natural stone fountain in the form of a fountain mirror. The fountain with a diameter of three meters, which marks the center of the cattle market, was elaborately made from a raw block of belgrano® lime silicate gneiss.

The stylized “holy basin” consists of a one-piece bowl and the 3-piece border and stands out due to its color, shape and workmanship.

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