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Stefan-Heym-Platz, 10367 Berlin

The new gateway to Lichtenberg – The Stefan Heym Square shows recognition and has character

At Frankfurter Allee 135, the housing company Howoge constructed six buildings including a residential tower with 17 floors. The 215 apartments created offer new attractive living space in the capital since 2019. Commercial and office space will also find a new home here. As part of the construction of the residential and commercial quarter, the Stefan Heym Square was redesigned. The square, which was nameless until 2014, had been named after the German writer Stefan Heym. Heym had written numerous works that were critical of historical events during the GDR era and consequently met with a great deal of resistance from the SED. In addition to the lack of recognition of the name-giver, the citizens wanted a multifunctional, flexible square that would radiate peace and protection as well as an inviting character.


The winner of the competition – the ideas of gm013 hit the mark

Following a total of eight events, during which interested citizens and residents were given the opportunity to express their wishes, the designs were evaluated by various planning offices. The ideas, concepts and plans of the office “gm013 giencke mattelig Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin” emerged as the winner of this competition. A total of 60 percent of the citizens involved and an expert jury had voted for the proposal of the Neukölln planning office. On the one hand, the flexible usage options and the dignified character of the square as a “prominent gateway” and on the other hand, the planned green framework with its traffic noise-reducing effect were convincing.

belgrano® Natural stone changes the atmosphere on Stefan Heym Square

Today, the new identity-creating Stefan-Heym-Platz impresses with a wonderfully coordinated interplay of different materials. A frame consisting of rows of trees and plants serves as a calming background noise directly next to the busy Frankfurter Allee. Floor slabs as well as block steps and water elements made of robust belgrano® gneiss and granite stone clearly enhance the setting and at the same time create a connection between the different areas of the square. So-called “plant crystals”, various types of seating and quotes by Stefan Heym mounted on small walls invite visitors to linger or even read a book. The sculpture of a fishing boy in the water basin, water jets and a multigenerational play and sports area round off the area’s offerings.

The convincing offer of the new Stefan-Heym-Platz – everyone meets their expectations

Edgeless and barrier-free access allows everyone to savor what the new lounge has to offer. Whether it’s a book market, a performance of a play, or a Christmas fair , draining the edgeless shallow pool offers an optional expansion of the space.

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