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Neue Grünstraße 1, 10179 Berlin

Italian flair in the heart of Berlin – sophisticated details for special accents

The facade is the figurehead of a building, which is why it is of particular importance in architecture.

Prestigious objects are often intended to enhance the entire environment without creating too much of a break. The choice of building material is inextricably linked with the planning.

Architects are increasingly opting for natural stone because it offers an almost limitless design spectrum and is extremely robust at the same time.

Due to the low primary energy requirement and the long durability, natural stone facades also have a significantly better ecological balance than, for example, glass facades.


The “Fellini Residences” residential and commercial building attracts attention due to its formal language and color accents.

The building designed by architect Marc Kocher on Neue Grünstraße is reminiscent of elegant Italian townhouses through the conscious combination of classic elements and modern aesthetics.

sandstone in warm tones – a Mediterranean look in combination with classic architecture


The high-quality effect of the outer shell is primarily due to the warm, beige-colored belgrano® sandstone from Berlin’s Steincontor.

Above the 5th floor, the sandstone was built in a light gray shade. A total of around 2000 m² facade panels of the belgrano® material were produced and delivered on a project basis.

The window and door frames as well as the sills and corner / corner plates were made of the Mediterranean-looking stone.

Due to the baroque design with many details and because almost every panel was unique, the production of these elements was a particular challenge.

Facades & interior floors

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