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Bahnhofsareal, 72336 Balingen

Balingen – a station forecourt awakens to new life

Located in the southwest of Stuttgart, not far from Lake Constance, is the district town of Balingen. With about 35,000 inhabitants and an area of about 90 square kilometers, it is the second largest city in the Zollernalbkreis district according to the number of residents. Since both functional and design deficiencies were recognized in the area of the station quarter, the city of Balingen launched a planning competition in 2016 to identify optimization options. A reorganization of the square was aimed at, which was intended to create further quality of stay. Thus, the city wanted to revitalize the urban space and make it more attractive for residents as well as visitors. The goal of the 2023 garden show was firmly anchored in people’s minds, so no more time was to be lost.


A design that serves functionality, economy, aesthetics and sustainability in equal measure

A total of 19 competition entries were submitted and evaluated. The design of the Berlin offices Holzwarth Landschaftsarchitektur and YellowZ emerged as the winner of the competition. Their planning convinced with its infrastructural detour of traffic, open square area, attractive greenery, modern furnishings, sufficient seating and parking facilities, and high-quality materials. belgrano® natural stone in the form of block steps, floor slabs, curbs, pillars, and paving was to contribute to the desired upgrading of the station area in Balingen in the future.


Citizens show interest and find their voices heard

Throughout the planning phase, the opinions of the citizens were always included. Information events ultimately also guaranteed the goodwill of local residents to put up with any disruptions. The holistic approach from different perspectives contributed to transparent and comprehensible communication as well as smooth implementation.


belgrano® natural stone supports the new quality standard and lends attractiveness to the urban reorganization

The surfacing work was completed faster than expected, namely after only six months. The station forecourt, which is now open to the public, is car-free and features multicolored belgrano® granite in various finishes. Around 400 square meters of paving stones, ribbed and studded slabs for tactile systems, block steps and 1,500 square meters of floor slabs made of European belgrano® natural stone now adorn the station forecourt in Balingen.

Natural stone, greenery and holistic planning bring new flair to Balingen

Large trees and inviting seating support the new feeling in Balingen. A barrier-free and pedestrian connection of the various action areas also allows seamless access for people with physical impairments. The station area could be revitalized thanks to an all-encompassing planning and gives the Baden-Württemberg town in the Zollernalbkreis district a new flair.

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