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high-quality natural stones


resistance to all stress requirements

Our products offer long-lasting stability for any kind of stress. heavy goods traffic, major events and public traffic zones do not pose any challenge.


easy maintenance for a lasting attractiveness

Natural stone products retain their optical and technical properties for many decades. With the right care, projects can develop their original aesthetics again.


up to all weather influences

No matter whether frost, wind, rain or de-icing salt - with its resistance and durability, natural stone is the ideal material for outdoor areas.


special surface treatments for every tactile challenge

Various surface treatments make it possible to adapt our natural stone products to a variety of challenges. From non-slip floor panels to tactile guidance systems, we offer a solution for every requirement.


natural stone as an environmentally friendly building material

The historical building material has proven itself over centuries and is also considered a valued and environmentally friendly material in modern architecture. It brings a piece of nature and tradition into our living spaces.


no toxic damping in indoor spaces and parks

Natural stone products do not go through any chemical work processes and are a pure natural product. They are odorless and compatible with living beings and the environment.


variety of shapes and countless design options

We also transfer the individual character of your idea to the shape of our products. In addition to a large selection of textures, colors and processing, we offer tailor-made packaging of our workstones for every requirement.

furnishing urban spaces with natural stone

encounter zones – attitude to life made of natural stone

Today, city squares and pedestrian zones must cleverly integrate a wide range of functions, be sustainable, moreover be visually appealing, and always be designed to meet user needs. The upgrading of these urban spaces for citizens and visitors, pedestrians and cyclists is one of the main goals of renovation and new construction measures. In addition to aesthetic reasons, economy and a high utility value are in the foreground. When selecting floor coverings and design elements for pedestrian zones and city squares, durable and sustainable solutions are required, which have to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Our belgrano® natural stones impress with their robustness, low maintenance and repair costs and their classic beauty – and thus become an indispensable design element in public spaces.

excellent life cycle assessment and countless design options

Natural stone paving and floor slabs made of hard stone have a much better ecological balance and durability than concrete or clinker bricks and convince through resource-saving extraction and processing. Together with you, we will find the right rock for every type of use and support you with our expertise in the implementation of your individual designs. Our team is on the road worldwide and allows you to choose from a variety of natural stones. All belgrano® natural stones are tested with regard to their technical properties, manufactured under fair conditions and are subject to strict quality controls during the entire production process.

belgrano® natural stones offer an almost inexhaustible variety of colors, textures and surface structures. In this way, we give urban planners and landscape architects a great deal of design freedom when planning public spaces – we offer indispensable freedom during the design process and support you in turning your ideas into reality.

Highly frequented city floors have to withstand multiple loads for a long time without damage. Frost and de-icing salt take up urban areas as well as mechanical forces. You have to be able to carry the weight of heavy goods traffic such as buses and trucks as well as that of thousands of people at large events.

Thanks to their great hardness and weather resistance, rocks such as diorite and granite are predestined for use on such surfaces. Our belgrano® hard stones impress with their robustness and uncomplicated maintenance – even under years of continuous use, they are not damaged and retain their natural charm. As paving stones or floor slabs, they offer the ideal basis for urban living spaces.

We have already successfully supported countless pedestrian zones and squares and supplied them with our belgrano® paving stones and floor slabs. From the Gänsemarkt in Hamburg, via the Mercedes Platz in Berlin, the Ottoplatz in Cologne or the pedestrian zone in Tuttlingen, to the Marienplatz in Munich.

City floors made of belgrano® natural stones – sustainable quality, convincing in price, impressive in their execution.

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