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ceremonial opening of downtown Breisach

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With the help of a new traffic concept, the central market square and the adjacent Rheinstrasse were noticeably upgraded. The square now functions as the spatial and functional center of Breisach.

high-quality paving made of belgrano® granite

public life is returning to the street space

After a good 2 years of construction, the newly designed inner city of Breisach was ceremoniously handed over to the citizens of the city on October 31, 2019. The redesigned urban space is now designated as a traffic-calmed area and consists of a continuous natural stone paving and floor slabs made of belgrano® granite. faktorgruen landscape architects bdla Consulting Engineers are responsible for the design of the new center of Breisach and were represented at the opening by Mr. David Schlechtriem.



from left to right: Ms. Ötinger LBBW KE, Mr. Sackmann Zink Ingenieure, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Riesterer Stadt Breisach, Mr. Schlechtriem faktorgruen landscape architects bdla Consulting Engineers, Mr. Geromüller Amman, Mr. Rein Mayor, Mr. Müller Deputy Mayor, Mr. Leber 1st Deputy Federal Minister, Mr. Geppert Gewerbeverein Breisach



the construction team (from left to right): Markus Kury, Dirk Geromüller, Thomas Wolf, David Schlechtriem, Ottmar Riesterer



Mayor Rein at the opening speech


Marktplatz Breisach mit einem Naturstein Wasserspiel und Bodenbelägen aus belgrano® Granit

The two fountain fields on Marktplatz and Gutgesellentorplatz offer refreshing cooling for young and old in the summer months.


pictures 2-4 with the kind permission of the city of Breisach https://www.breisachwirdschoener.de/de/aktuelles


project information

Breisach | Marktplatz

  • Marktplatz, 79206 Breisach am Rhein

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Pedestrian zone in Heilbad Heiligenstadt shines in new light

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The redesign of the pedestrian zone in the beautiful Heilbad Heiligenstadt in Thuringia took about two years. Great value was placed on the citizens' ideas on the one hand, and on the thoughts of the business owners on the other hand, during the holistic planning. The intention was to make the lovingly named "Wilhelm" in the heart of the spa town an attraction for visitors and locals alike.

music school and concert hall in Ventspils

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On the occasion of Latvia's 100th birthday, the Music School and Concert Hall in Ventspils was officially opened in summer 2019 with a concert by the Latvian symphony orchestra.

gardening shows 2021

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You can already find belgrano® natural stones on the areas of numerous gardening shows. Three new cities will be added in 2021. Our natural stones are used as floor coverings and design elements at the two state horticultural shows in Eppingen and Überlingen as well as at the federal gardening show in Erfurt.

ceremonial opening of downtown Breisach

reading time – 2 min

With the help of a new traffic concept, the central market square and the adjacent Rheinstrasse were noticeably upgraded. The square now functions as the spatial and functional center of Breisach.

successful planning of state garden shows

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State garden shows are a structure-promoting measure to increase the attractiveness and popularity of cities for architects prestige projects. In order to maintain the elaborate embellishment in the long term, planners are increasingly choosing natural stone when choosing the building material – be it for flooring or individual special elements. Because natural stone combines visual advantages and diverse design options with robust properties and ecological sustainability.

meaningful pixel mania

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The so-called pixel pattern, called wild dressing among experts, looks as if the stones had been laid arbitrarily. In fact, however, there is a pattern that is not immediately recognizable.

plenty of reason to celebrate on the new mile

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Palais Barberini shines in old splendor

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Potsdam’s historic center on the Old Market is in the process of regaining its former glory. After the reconstruction of the City Palace and the Pompei Palace, the renovation of the marble obelisk and the renovations of the Old Town Hall and the Knobelsdorff House, the Barberini Palace has been shining again in its old splendor since January 2017. With its belgrano® natural stones, the Berlin stone office BESCO was involved in the reconstruction of this architectural jewel in the heart of the Brandenburg capital.

new construction of the district court in Haßfurt

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Germany’s most modern courthouse opened. The new building of the district court of Haßfurt and the surrounding grounds was completed in July 2018 after three years of construction and the building was handed over by the Bavarian Minister of Justice. The free-standing cube became the new landmark of the entrance to the historic old town.

not just optically a precision landing

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Architects and planners need special solutions for special projects. BESCO specializes in the processing of natural stones and also implements technically complex tasks in this area. This always leads to extraordinary results, as various projects show by way of example.