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design elements made of natural stone

high-quality natural stones


natural stones - custom made

You design ideas will be manufactured tailor made.

urban furniture

design elements made of natural stone

Meeting areas such as city squares, pedestrian zones and green areas offer high planning and design requirements. They should invite you to interact with the space and thus shape the urban quality of life.

Benches and seating elements in public spaces invite you to linger and make a significant contribution to increasing the quality of your stay in the context of green spaces and water features. They usually line paths or line up on the edges of urban squares and green spaces.



individual & of course durable

making spaces vivid

When planning objects, natural stone seating elements are used primarily in courtyards and entrance areas. Due to the different colors and the diverse possibilities of surface design and processing, our high-quality natural stone furniture opens up individual solutions for every spatial context.

While our furniture invites you to interact with urban areas, borders and shelves separate them sensibly. Often these are the delimitation of paths from green spaces. In addition to the use of borders as a physical border, there is also the possibility of surface-flush variants. These are used, for example, in plant borders and thus combine organic with tectonic growth – naturalness meets naturalness.

Landscape architects and urban planners choose from our almost inexhaustible range of natural stones from worldwide sources for the implementation of various types of edging. Depending on the area of ​​application and design, we will find the optimal solution for your design together.


ZF Headquarter | seating elements and plant framing elements made of gneiss

new center of Gaiberg | 5 meter wide well - made from a raw block

200 meter long water staircase made of belgrano® granite

Sellerpark in Berlin | plant framing and seating elements made of belgrano® granite

sustainable & flexible

environmentally friendly natural stone as a universal design element

Concrete and clinker products emit a lot of CO₂ in their manufacture. Natural stone is not only the best choice in terms of air conditioning, but also for reasons of durability and recyclability. For example, edging elements made of natural stone maintain their natural look and are almost indestructible. Due to the high material quality and hardness, all design elements made of natural stone can be easily cleaned and restored to their original visual condition.

In urban areas, bollards also define different areas of use and, for example, delimit pedestrian and cycle paths. In a row, along the curb, they prevent cars from parking on the footpath. The execution in natural stone offers a variety of design options. The high quality and workmanship of the natural stones we choose form the basis for a long service life and low maintenance costs.

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