“”Paved ceilings and slabs, edging” ATV DIN 18318 – changes in effect since September

Natural stones are also affected by the innovations of the technically changed DIN standards.

Senior Sales Manager Stefan Reckling about the innovations of the ATV DIN 18318

Natural stone is still very popular as a material for outdoor flooring even after many years. The attractive appearance and the high durability of natural stone compared to other solutions has led to the fact that a steadily growing number of planners and decision-makers do not want to do without natural stone paving and slabs when redesigning squares and streets. To ensure that the quality also meets expectations, not only must the natural stone be checked regularly in accordance with the requirements of the European standard, but everyone involved has to deal with the latest state of the art. The current version of the VOB / C represents a very important basis for all involved, because it contains specifications for a large number of trades, for example for the manufacture of paving slabs and slabs. In the course of periodic revisions, knowledge gained in the meantime is discussed and partly supplemented or exchanged. So that the state of the art can be implemented on the construction site, those responsible should personally convince themselves of their own knowledge and clarify questions about the respective topics in advance and get support if necessary. The last changes to ATV DIN 18318 were less than half a year ago, time to check your own knowledge.

Changes and additions can already be found in the ATV DIN 18318, because this is now called ATV DIN 18318 paving slabs and slab coverings, edging, but also in the content on topics that the “preparation of the service description”, the “scope”, the “substances “Components”, the “execution”, the “ancillary services, special services” and also “billing”.

In particular, the “Execution” section has been completely revised and supplemented and now consists of the following sections:

3.1 General / 3.2 Unbound paving slabs and paving slabs / 3.3 Bound paving slabs and paving slabs / 3.4 Greenable paving slabs and paving slabs / 3.5 Infiltrated paving slabs and paving slabs as well as 3.6 Edges, drainage channels. In addition, the sections are subdivided according to general, bedding, joints and, if applicable, adhesive bridges and therefore no longer according to individual substances. In particular with regard to 3.2 and 3.3, there are now tolerances and specific rules for joints, bedding or adhesive bridges.

In view of the extensive new regulations of the VOB / C, architects are well advised to familiarize themselves with the changes at an early stage and, if necessary, to work with experienced partners in the planning.


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