climate protection - CO₂ neutral transport of our belgrano® natural stones

making living spaces sustainable – we do more voluntarily

Ethical-ecological standards are indispensable for the use of natural stones in landscape architecture and for the realization of construction projects. Municipalities and planners alike demand fairly traded and produced materials for the design of their outdoor facilities. Delivering large quantities of individually manufactured paving stones, slabs and special elements in a short time is a challenge that we are happy to take on: From finding the right raw material, through careful quality control to technical documentation and control.

That is why the origin of the material in our certified and resource-saving production process is crucial. belgrano® manufactures mainly come from Europe and Asia, where they are manufactured according to strict specifications. Our logistics network efficiently coordinates suitable transport routes from an ecological point of view – by ship, train and truck, directly to your construction site according to specifications. As we are aware of our ecological and associated social responsibility, we try to compensate for any CO₂ emissions that arise in our logistical processes in a sustainable and voluntary manner.

CO₂ neutral transport of our belgrano® natural stones

In close cooperation with the non-profit climate protection organization myclimate, we have been compensating for all project-related CO₂ emissions since 2019 and from 2020. This applies to container deliveries from the shipping port to Germany and truck deliveries from the factory to Germany.

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