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BESCO – your partner for all natural stone projects

Our company focuses on project business in Germany, Europe and the Middle East. We deliver natural stones for large scale projects of public and private clients. Apart from pedestrian zones and public places this also includes facades and flooring. Our pro duct range is completed by decorative items such as fountains and stairs, street furniture, framing and seating elements.

Our well experienced sales and advisory team supports you with commitment, knowledge and expertise. We advise and support landscape architects, town planners, architects and their clients. If you wish we provide full service from the design planning to the final approval. Furthermore we provide you with all necessary aids, such as technical information, tender and even samples.

We have more than 15,000 current belgrano® hand patterns in stock for architects and landscape architects.

Let us advise you: Tel. +49 30 2593889-0


new trend – plastic pavement transitions - belgrano® natural stone news
Hohenems - urban revival through newly created encounter zones
‌September 2018 – terraced open design‌ Wasserplatz in Lüneburg
belgrano® natural stone in continuous use - Berlin Charite`

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belgrano® your trusted brand

Our brand name for certified and fairly produced ashlars made from granite, basalt, gabbro, porphyry, sandstone and all other suitable natural stones.

We obtain these from all over the world and have them certified by acknowledged German building material laboratories following applicable regulations. Apart from technical parameters, a detailed petrographic thin section is made which enables the client to clearly identify the given material – almost like the fingerprint of the stone.

Our inspection team, which consists of well experienced, permanent workers, carefully supervises every production site and makes sure that fair working conditions and environmental regulations are complied with. Our Asian belgrano® products can be delivered with the WIN=WIN fairstone seal.

Through these measures the individually necessary quality standards are attained.

Our logistics network coordinates each means of transport not only very efficiently but also very ecologically…ship, train and lorry. Thus, we manage to convince with high quality and performance at best prices.

Your trust in our knowledge and doing made us one of the leading suppliers for natural stone. We feel obliged to that.

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BESCO is THE natural stone supplier

Naturally our service includes quality assurance from the beginning to the completion of the project. The required flexibility and, in particular, the quality assurance of the whole production process is ensured through on-site support and random checks. With the help of our dedicated team of quality inspectors you can always rely on the compliance with the promised technical features and the just-in-time delivery.

Because BESCO is THE natural stone supplier with the highest quality standards.

from project planning to delivery on demand

Our belgrano® natural stone assortment comprises more than 500 tested stones and surfaces, which can be processed individually and
project-related for pedestrian areas, squares, facades, interior areas and so on. Products
made of belgrano® natural stone are as diverse as the ideas of our customers and / or their landscape architects and architects.


Berliner Steincontor GmbH
Zepernicker Straße 2
LudwigPark – Haus 13.2
13125 Berlin-Buch, GERMANY

Phone + Fax:

Phone +49 30 2593889-0
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