• MAY 2016

    belgrano® transforms a town centre into a zone of well-being

    Hallein town centre in the Salzburg region is getting a brand new face. The local council decided to approve the architects' recommendations: the dark, cambered cobblestones are being removed and replaced by light and welcoming belgrano® paving stones. The town centre is therefore getting a facelift. The first stage of the work is now complete and was welcomed so positively by the local residents that the further construction stages have also been approved. The council is taking delivery of approx. 12.000 m² belgrano® natural paving stones from European production.

  • MARCH 2016

    Oberbilker Markt, Dusseldorf

    Elegant hand-laid belgrano® granite stones, a gravel area shaded by plane trees, lighting fixtures made of powder-coated steel – Oberbilker Markt is something to be proud of. BESCO supplied the basalt paving stones and the border elements, made of black and pale granite.